Friday night at Today X Future.

And we were singing along.

These songs we grew up with, songs we thought were written about us, songs we either have not heard for years or have constantly keep in our music players.

And they were playing again, one after the other, and all of a sudden we’re teenagers. Graduating from high school, stepping into college, angry at the world yet each one of us so sure that we are some special, tortured, misunderstood soul.

Except for our music heroes.

Our younger friends looked at us, bemused and wondering what the fuck were we singing while we didn’t pay any attention. Most kids these days never heard of Nirvana, the Smashing Pumkins, Radiohead. Never experienced the first time they heard Alanis and knew all they really want is put a hand in one pocket.

Mellon Collie, Today x Future

It was silly. It was sad. It was wonderful.

Call and answer.

Last night, I found myself playing familiar songs from years ago. One of them was Barenaked Ladies’s “Call and Answer“.

I once sang that song in a karaoke. It’s a relatively easy song to sing, even though it required a wide range. I told friends at that time that the song had a story for me, but I didn’t tell them what the story was.

I posted a summary of that story.

Two tweets about that song, then I went back to work and eventually fell asleep on my station. Several replies to those tweets followed, including some from my favorite guy-stalker.

It got me back into thinking why I was remembering that particular period of my life. And then I remembered it was around this date six years ago (I initially misremembered it as seven and on July 7th) when Daryl and I broke up, on our third anniversary.

I’ve long ago accepted the end of that relationship. Daryl and I remained friends. Looking at the things I wrote from that period, I realized how much I changed from 6 years ago; and how much I didn’t change.

A lot of things I wrote six years ago no longer hold true. But how I saw and regarded our relationship remained unchanged.

Let’s see. Six years from now, I might be doing this nostalgia trip again. And I will rediscover this post and, hopefully, have a good laugh at myself and the things I thought I was very sure of.

Bilog na naman ang buwan, Papa Dom.

It’s sad to read tweets from people asking “who’s Papa Dom?”

Tropical Depression did achieve mainstream recognition back in the 90s and still had a following well into the new millennium. The band is known for lively (and often really long) sets, led by looming presence of Papa Dom Gamboa.

Papa Dom - Irie Sunday

One memorable fanboy moment I had was sharing a restaurant table with Papa Dom and several others in a movie. We were part of the background crowd in a restaurant scene and you can barely see us in the movie.

Our little group was just talking the entire time and we didn’t really notice when the takes started and when they stopped. But we enjoyed the food; the food was rather good.

I never got to talk to Papa Dom again and, sadly, I never will again.

Bilog na naman ang buwan, Papa Dom. Ilabas n’yo na ang kalokohan.

Who’s gonna steal the show? Baby, it’s the Guitar Man.

Nolit Aurillo at Fete de la Musique 2013

This was Nolit Aurillo at the Fete de la Musique main stage. The man won the crowd’s attention with his unassuming air and killer guitar playing.

“I was asked to play a Michael Jackson song. I’m not going to do that,” he told the crowd at the start of his set. “I’m going to play A LOT of Michael Jackson songs!”

And with just his guitar, he went to a medley of A LOT of the King of Pop’s famous songs.

Several times, the crowd was singing along, without prompting: Now THAT is a great musician.

He was asked several times to finish his set early for the next band. While each player was only given a few minutes of stage time, that was still a little rude to the old man who was sharing his passion of music to everyone. And everyone else shared it back at him.

The next band onstage took ages to set up; the setup time was probably half as long as their set. They even had to stop after their first song to adjust their equipment.Wtf.

Kids, this is what a real musician is like. This is what “mind-blowing” is; not some giggly girl who can even bother memorizing song lyrics.

Weekend clean-up, Rurouni Kenshin, and Rock Loqal.

The Chairless Apartment is now mostly, relatively clean. While we were mopping the floor earlier, I told Bern that we should hire a house cleaner in the future. Maybe someone who could tidy the place up twice a month. My mother will gasp in disbelief if she would find out. It’s not so much that I will be spending for a house cleaner, as it is about me being too lazy to clean after myself.

We should be leaving the apartment by December 26 (evicted!) but we have not yet found a new place to move into. If we can’t find one, I’ll move back to Makati temporarily and start apartment-hunting by January. I am not looking forward to sharing the roof with my parents again.

I completely forgot about the Lantern Parade last Saturday. I’m still groggy from last week’s Pride March, I’m in a state of semi-lethargy all week. I planned to bring Bern to a movie last Friday but we opted to eat out instead.

We were able to watch Rurouni Kenshin yesterday with Jeff and Kaito. It was a happy trip back to the 90s watching the anime turned into live action. It wasn’t a bad adaptation, either. Particularly spot-on was Megumi: you almost wish she sprouted fox ears at some point. Kanryu was played with so much ham he could be served in a dozen Christmas dinners.

Kenshin was competently performed by his very pretty actor and Saitou was an attractive upgrade from the anime (not complaining!) but I was a little disappointed at Sanosuke. The mannerism and scruffiness was there, but he was demoted as a less effective fighter in the film. Good thing there was a rather funny kitchen fight sequence that very nearly redeemed movie!Sano.

The fight scenes were mostly well executed, with moments of pure awesomeness, like how Kenshin escapes to the other bank of a stream. The movie was able to avoid some of the silliness of the anime but it also introduced its own bits of silliness, mostly when it came to movie!HannyaGein.

So I guess I have to thank you, SM, for bringing Rurouni Kenshin to the country.

At Rock Loqal: Kaito, Jeff, Jade, Bern

After the movie, Bern and I dragged Jeff and Kaito to the Mall of Asia for Rock Loqal. Page gave us free tickets and we happily stayed in front of the stage, watching the bands, and destroying our eardrums. Mayonnaise has just started when we arrived, followed by Barbie Almabis. Jeff and Kaito left halfway through Barbie’s set. Barbie is a very competent guitar-player, doing a good guitar solo towards the end of ‘Torpe’. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish the song, and segued into a rather trite ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.

Other bands we caught were Razorback (you’re still the most kickass rock singer in the country, Kevin Roy), Malay, Indio I, and Salamin. Bern and I didn’t like the last band too much, with their Linkin Park (with bongos!) sound and pain-and-anguish-from-tortured-souls-of-priviledged-gated-village-boys lyrics. Somebody give the boys a hug.

After Bern and I went out for some food, we found out that we can’t re-enter the MOA Arena anymore. Oh well. At least we got to see Razorback again (thanks, Page!).

It’s sad, though, how with such a impressive line-up, there weren’t a lot of people watching. It’s not that people aren’t interested with local rock music; the last Tanduay Rockfest was packed. Maybe it was the lack of publicity. Or maybe it was the lack of alcohol in the venue.