Dream, interrupted: A food market date.

So just now, I fell asleep while at work and I was dreaming I was on a date with this guy I like who works for a museum. We were on an open field like the Sunken Garden and there was a food market. We were deciding what to eat.

Just when the guy from the museum, in my dream, was able to decide which food he would be ordering, an agent woke me up for an urgent request.

Of course the agent could (and should) do that. But I was a little pissed for the interruption of a rather good dream.

Hello again, blog.

This blog has not been updated since July, good grief. With so many things that had happened, I do not wish to back track on all of them. I’ll just leave that cliched statement there:

So many things had happened.

I was inspecting the saved notes in my phone, when I saw a recent entry on a dream I wrote down after waking:

Dream 21:08, Fri 12 Oct 2012

A woman entered a hotel where time loops into steampunk time and smuggled out a man to the modern time.

“Just because they let you pursue an open relationship means you accept one.”

The quote was mentioned somewhere during the dream and seemed to be significant enough for me to write down. Like many vivid dreams, I hoped my note will help me remember what happened and maybe adopt it into a story.

Unfortunately, like many vivid dreams, I quickly forgot all about it and reading my note now hardly brings back anything.

Steampunk Goggles by PanzerKitty

A dream where I sang a song by Asin.

A dream from last month I found recorded in my phone’s notepad (likely a few weeks before we went to Nasugbu):

I was talking to Ronan Secondez in the living room of my parents’ house in Makati. Bern had just left us so he could sleep in my old bedroom.

I found my often ignored journal so I could write a reminder: Asin’s song Pagbabalik (the title I wrote, for some reason, was Muli). I sang the song to Ronan.

When opened, the last few pages of my journal contained notes from Bern: letters addressed to me, written during those times he was waiting for me.

Kuya, how do I cross to the other side?

A few nights ago, I dragged Bern out to walk around the building at midnight. Anniel and Carlos were supposed to drop by our place and we were waiting for them, so I needed to do something to stop me from falling asleep.

We saw Neighbor Carl outside his unit and decided to hang out a little to gossip about his next-door neighbor’s sexual habits, which Carl found out the first night the new neighbors were in their apartment. Apparently, the couple who just moved in were so noisy when they made love, tenants from other floors stepped out to find out where the noise was coming from. Most of them initially thought that someone was playing porn with the volume way high. It wasn’t from a movie.

Carl also told of how, while playing videogames at dawn, he stopped when he felt someone was looking at him. By the open door of his unit was a young woman staring at him. She then asked him, “Kuya, how do I cross to the other side?”

Lost Girl - creepy girl

It turned out the young woman was drunk and was trying to return to her friend’s unit in front of Carl’s in the opposite building. She must’ve been that drunk because to cross to the opposite building, she merely had to walk to the elevators three meters away.

Drunk not-ghost girl returned after a few minutes and asked if she could crash at Carl’s couch because her friends were all asleep and were not answering her knocks. She was blabbing until after sunrise, when her friends finally woke up.

The most amusing statement Carl recalled was her sadly complaining that she’s still not married. Apparently her contemporaries were and she felt she was already left behind. Except that she was only twenty-three.

The best story from Carl was about the nightmare he woke from that afternoon:

He was watching a Survivor-like reality TV show. The TV producers planted a fake ghost-monster in the island to scare the contestants. However, a real ghost-monster came to the island and began killing the contestants one by one.

Towards the end, the ghost-monster looked into the camera. He then came of out the TV, standing in front of Carl. Carl, realizing he was dreaming, woke himself. He was telling his housemate of his dream when the ghost-monster appeared and attacked his housemate. And then, Carl woke up properly, and couldn’t move for a few moments because he ended up contorting himself while he slept.

Ask everyone who had experienced it: recursive dreams are waaaay disturbing.

Madonna, Buffy, sea serpents, and suicidal underwear.

Two odd dreams from last weekend.

Dream #1

Madonna was riding a serpent-like sea monster following Buffy Summers who kidnapped Madonna’s son. Buffy turned around to show a blonde sea siren who suddenly attacked the sea monster.

Dream #2

Former co-worker Popin invited me to drink some cocktails she made on the pretext that she was studying to be a bartender. One of the better drinks included omelette as an ingredient. The drink was not called an “omelette”; it had an omelette. All the drinks were good, though.

It turned out to be a reality TV show where people are supposed to get drunk, do ridiculous drunken antics, and pass out in front of the camera. Two of the invited girlfriends started pole dancing in the bar. No, I didn’t get drunk enough to do anything stupid.

But this was not a dream:

I was getting the dried laundry from the clothes line when one of my briefs slipped from my hand and fell on the cement stub outside the balcony of the laundry area. I tried to fish it out, but I caused it to fall further down, on the outcropping roof placed outside the units at the building’s ground floor.

Bern and I had to take the step ladder (which normally functions as a book shelf) to fetch it. It was one of my newer underwear, bought just the week before, so I was pretty keen on getting it back. Good thing this happened at the back of the building, away from where most of the tenants pass on their way out.

We used to have suicidal plants and cooking pots. Now, even our underwear are jumping off our building.