Cake break.

Last night, while I was in a nearby mall, I saw a woman eating cake.

Based on what she was wearing, the young woman was employed in a nearby store, maybe a tea shop or a cake stand. She was on her break and sat alone on a mall bench.

Cake break.

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Next to her was a tumbler of drink and half of a medium-sized cake. The cake was not too fancy but it looked rather good: crumbly and with swirls of chocolate. She lifted the transparent cover and took a small slice, eating it carefully to avoid spilling crumbs to herself.

Occasionally she would check her phone, as if waiting for a companion. Maybe that was why she ate daintily: the cake wasn’t all for herself. But her companion might have taken some time to arrive, she could only be away from work for so long.

And so, while she was waiting and maybe reluctantly, she started getting a little of her share. Work would not be ending for a few more hours and her break would end in a few minutes. In the meantime, she found her bench, she was resting, and there was cake.

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