Burgundy, Amelie, and mopeds.

Leo mentioned last Saturday that The Juna was inviting us to The Juna’s apartment in Pasig. Since Bern and I were so broke during the weekend, we accepted the invitation. The Juna served The Juna’s guests with pasta and burgundy and we watched several moview until dawn while drinking several cocktails.

By daybreak, nearly everyone else was asleep, while Leo and I were watching Amelie. Leo has not seen the movie before, and it was the only movie that night he sat on without turning his eyes away from the screen. Even after several years, the movie still has it charm.

There are so many things to like in Amelie. One that I saw again was the character Nino’s Mobylette moped. The movie ended with Amelie and Nino riding a moped around the streets of Montmartre.

There was a time when pedaled mopeds had a surge of popularity in the Philippines. And then the fad ended so you could hardly find one in the streets today. Most Filipino cyclists would opt for a scooter or a more powerful motorcycle.

I don’t mind getting a Derringer for myself, though. Maybe I’ll get myself one, should I decide to sell one of my kidneys.