Bilog na naman ang buwan, Papa Dom.

It’s sad to read tweets from people asking “who’s Papa Dom?”

Tropical Depression did achieve mainstream recognition back in the 90s and still had a following well into the new millennium. The band is known for lively (and often really long) sets, led by looming presence of Papa Dom Gamboa.

Papa Dom - Irie Sunday

One memorable fanboy moment I had was sharing a restaurant table with Papa Dom and several others in a movie. We were part of the background crowd in a restaurant scene and you can barely see us in the movie.

Our little group was just talking the entire time and we didn’t really notice when the takes started and when they stopped. But we enjoyed the food; the food was rather good.

I never got to talk to Papa Dom again and, sadly, I never will again.

Bilog na naman ang buwan, Papa Dom. Ilabas n’yo na ang kalokohan.

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