Beer under moonlight.

The entire conversation was obviously a way of stalling before sex.

We only knew each other through a few online conversations: greetings, perfunctory small talk, and mild flirting. We really didn’t know each other until we met in person.

“Kwento ka naman,” he told me as we started our beer.

“What do you want to know?” I asked him. “Magtanong ka.”

“You’re the host. You should be the one entertaining your guest.”

We are trying to out-smartass the other, in between sharing where we’ve been within the country and outside. He is, not surprisingly, more well-travelled than me.

He disliked my hair when I removed my bun.

“Bakit ka nagpapahaba ng buhok; hindi naman sa’yo bagay.”

I laughed it off. I was in a good mood. Otherwise, I would’ve told him to go home after we finished our beer.

We carefully avoided identifying where we work. The first time I asked him what his job was, he answered that he’s a janitor.

Eventually we felt comfortable enough to share more personal information. Or he did. Despite his insistence that I tell him about myself, he let me ask him about himself.

He had a wife. He has two kids with different moms. He first tried sleeping with men after he and his wife separated. He never had a boyfriend. He’s not yet ready for another relationship, but he’s open to settling with a guy if the guy was compatible with him.

No, I won’t be dating this guy. He’s brash, a little arrogant, a little too macho. But he also’s a bit of a softy inside. Not my type for a boyfriend. Until the end, he waited that I make the first move.

He kissed well and was not self-conscious about it. Oh well. I’ll forget his snide remarks.

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