Are banks supposed to refuse accepting slightly damaged bills?

I thought they would, so that old and damaged bills could be collected and returned to the Central Bank. But when I showed the bill to the Metrobank teller, she told me they do not accept damaged bills and that I should try another bank. The way she said “they”, I take it she means their branch.

I told the boyfriend about it and he asked his friend who also works in a bank. Said friend replied that banks should still accept slightly damaged bills. If that were the case, is there a banking authority where these things could be reported to?

That refusal only clinched my long exasperation with the Metrobank branch where my payroll account is enrolled.

It was Friday and I had to remind myself that talking to clients the entire day is a really tiring job. I forgave bank tellers if they weren’t the most welcoming and considerate people on the planet. After all, the work I do is just as draining. I was not the only person waiting for a bank teller.

The previous company I worked for sets up their payroll accounts in China Bank. Except for the occasional times when their ATM network goes offline during weekends, China Bank has provided me pretty good service. The first time I reported a lot ATM card, the bank teller immediately handed me a withdrawal form. That, call center agents, is what you mean by “proactive”.

It’s different with Metrobank. Not only does the branch where I was in closes earlier than other banks, I also couldn’t do an over-the-counter withdrawal without first submitting the affidavit of loss.

So finally, I submitted my affidavit last Friday. The teller processed the ATM card replacement request and gave me my claim receipt. She then asked me if I wanted to do a withdrawal; I said yes. She told me to fill out a deposit form found at the other end of the bank and return the filled out form to her.

When I returned, she signed the document and told me to go to another table for a bank official to approve my withdrawal request. After that was done, I was told to get a number from the guards and wait for my turn for the next available teller that handles routine bank transactions. That next teller, aside from telling me they won’t accept my damaged bills I wanted to deposit to my account, informed me that I am also paying an over-the-counter processing fee.

I can’t remember going through that many steps and talking to that many tellers when I lost my China Bank ATM card.

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