Apple doesn’t want to share their apple with you.

It’s both amusing and perplexing to watch Apple sue several companies that use an apple (or vaguely apple-like) logo. The reason? Only Apple could use an apple logo.

Their latest victim is a rather charming German café:

According to owners of a small German café, Apple has sent a cease and desist letter over the use of the above logo. Apfelkind, which is German for “apple baby,” is a family-oriented coffee and tea house that opened this April in the city of Bonn.

The owner of Apfelkind, Christin Römer, registered the logo with the fashion and service industry in Munich this June. In the letter from Apple’s lawyers, they claimed that the logo could cause confusion with Apple’s global brand.

The café is advertised as an establishment for “children, coffee, and cake.” Its website describes it as a place where parents can relax over a cup of coffee, while their children are occupied in a playroom that features painting. Their menu contains several apple-laden snacks and beverages, such as apples with red cocoa cream, sugar apples, and apple blossom tea.

Apple’s attorneys will likely argue that, even if this café’s owner has no intention of capitalizing off of their success, letting it slide could establish precedence for other (blatant and intentional) infringement of the Apple logo.

Say wut? Infringement of the Apple logo?

While it’s understandable that a company will be very protective of its logo, it’s highly unlikely that Apfelkind’s logo could “cause confusion” with the Apple logo:

apple vs apple

The only similarity is the iconic apple shape (you really can’t get away from that if you choose an apple for your logo, right?) with a single leaf. Other than that, only someone severely myopic could mistake one for the other.

Oh well. I’ll keep an eye out to how this case will be resolved. While I think it will end in a settlement, I would really like to see a judge shut Apple up and order them to publicly apologize to the café owners because the company is such an idiotic bunch of bullies.

You know which company I’d like to see Apple sue for “infringement”? Apple Records.

Apple wants a German cafe to stop using this logo.
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