Adobong pusit.

When we went to Imus last month, I won the boyfriend’s mom over by cooking for her. There were quite a lot ot uncooked calamares left which we brought back to Manila; I decided I will make adobong pusit.

I’m writing down the way I prepared it that time because I didn’t follow a standard recipe.

  • Slice squid into rings. I had them at about half an inch wide. I kept the ink glands intact because I like how squid ink could thicken and flavor the sauce.
  • Saute chopped garlic, onions, and ginger in butter. Add the squid, then put in a little oyster sauce. Typically, adobo is cooked with soy sauce.
  • Add a little vinergar, let it boil a little. Season with ground pepper and a little cayenne pepper.