#30DayWritingChallenge: Winning.

Day Twenty-Five: Winning.

I rarely win in raffles.

Some people are born lucky. They are more likely to win in games of chance. Their names are often drawn, even for consolation prizes. I had a co-worker who was so lucky, it actually backfired on her: her name was drawn twice in an office raffle. Unfortunately, raffle rules state that employees can only submit one entry per person, so she was disqualified for both prizes.

Whenever I attend company parties, there will be that point during the eventual raffle when I’ll hold my breath waiting for the announcement of the winner, only to exhale in disappointed because, as usual, my name was not called.

That’s more than ten years of working and annual company parties, plus the occasional parties thrown by the account’s client or some other employee-benefit contest.

It’s the same outside of work, even when I was younger. During school fairs, in church parties, even in the occasional traveling perya. I would spend all my money playing the color game and lose all of it without really winning anything.

There was one particular time when I actually won a raffle that I do remember: I sent an entry for Star Smile Factory, a TV show for children during the 90s which I used to watch. I suspect not a lot of kids sends entries to their contests, but that doesn’t matter. I won and I got to show up on TV.

My mother accompanied me to their studio; it was the first time I got into a TV network compound. I remember not being too excited, more like curious about the strange business going about. The show broadcasted live and there was a short interview where I was asked a few questions. I probably looked awkward. (A year or so later, I will appear on TV again, this time in Battle of the Brains.)

It’s a good thing camera phones weren’t invented yet back then, or I will be horrified knowing that there were images of my early TV appearances still survive.

I can’t remember anymore what prize I won exactly. I was asked to pick a prize from several toys on display in the small studio. I think I remember my mom telling me that I chose a relatively inexpensive toy.

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