#30DayWritingChallenge: The stories behind my profile pictures.

30-Day Writing Challenge

Early last month, I came across this 30-Day Writing Challenge graphic. Apparently, it was a piece of paper that was handed out during the recent Philippine Literary Festival (which I missed, huhuhu).

I’ve meant to try this challenge sooner. But I kept procrastinating until I thought, “Fuck this. I’ll start in October.”

So, hey. It’s October now. And here we go.

Day One: The story behind my profile picture.

Online friends know I am most active in two places: Twitter and Facebook. But I rarely use the same profile picture in both places.

I often put a considerable amount of thought in which image appears as the avatar in my online profiles so I decided to write about both of them, instead of choosing just one.

Twitter: Concept art for Locke (Final Fantasy VI) by Yoshitaka Amano.

Profile Pic - Twitter

Yoshitaka Amano is one the most famous Japanese illustrators. He is known for his work in Gatchaman, Vampire Hunter D, and the Final Fantasy series. Western comic book readers might have been introduced to him because of his illustrations in Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

Amano is well-known for the feminine features of his characters (even the men); long, flowy, perpetually wind-blown hair; slender eyes which look as if they are always languid; pale skin, even for non-vampire characters; and very detailed costumes, often with diaphonuous cloth and very long capes.

If Gustav Klimt painted using watercolor and fed his models a little more, his work would probably be similar to Amano’s.

When I decided to update my Twitter profile images, I searched for various Yoshitaka Amano illustrations and chose images I liked to appear as my profile pic and background. A reverse image search told me that this was a concept art for the character of Locke Cole in Final Fantasy VI.

Locke by Yoshitaka Amano (post)

His character is a thief, not that you can tell that based on Amano’s painting. But who gives a fuck on practicality? In Amano’s dreamy sensual headspace universe, everyone floats.

Facebook: Princess Powerful (Molly Hayes) by Adrian Alphona.

Profile Pic - Facebook

My friend Cami “challenged” me to change my Facebook profile image into a superhero of his choice and chose Princess Powerful.

I’m a fan of the Runaways and of Molly Hayes, in particular. She’s a mutant and the daughter of mutant crime bosses. She is the youngest in her team and is physically the most powerful.

There is a fan theory that she derives her power from her collection of cute animal hats. Coincidentally, I also have a collection of animal hats; I guess that contributed to why I find her cute.

Although the Runaways do not use code names, at some point they considered applying some for themselves. Molly chose Princess Powerful for herself; her teammate/friend/older-brother-substitute, Chase, called her Bruiser.

Molly Hayes (Runaways No.9)

The image of Molly I chose came from Runaways No. 9, drawn by Adrian Alphona. It’s part of a bigger poster where the Runaways were teleported by Cloak from Los Angeles to New York. If I remember it right, that was the same issue (or story arc, at least) where Molly punched Wolverine clear out of a church.

Molly Hayes is one badass kid.

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  1. LOL Locke always says he’s a “treasure hunter”, not a thief, but he does the latter in his battles in FF 6 :D

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