#30DayWritingChallenge: The best meal of my life.

Day Twenty-Three: The best meal of my life.

It is a common joke among former residents of the Chairless Apartment that whenever we start cooking pasta, it means we are running low on money.

Day 03 - Favorite Place

Normally when we buy groceries, we would include two kilos of dry spaghetti noodles and cans of fried sardines. We also always keep lots of garlic and pepper in the kitchen cupboard.

On days when we have enough money among ourselves, we would eat out or order food delivered to the apartment. If we feel like cooking, we would think of comfort food we miss and prepare them: pork sinigang, kare-kare, menudo, ginisang munggo. Nearly everyone in the house can cook, and we help each other in the kitchen.

But on lean days, we bring out the pasta. First, we sautee garlic in oil. The sardines are crushed and put in the pan. Then we mix in the cooked pasta and add some pepper. It’s a very simple, yet filling dish. Who would think that we’re almost out of money?

Those times we shared our Petsa de Peligro pasta were our bonding moments. I remember them fondly, being the times when disagreements were set aside and we all sit down to enjoy our meal together.

The apartment is gone and we have gone our own ways. It’s been a while since I last prepared the same kind of pasta. My family aren’t big on non-Filipino dishes and I really don’t feel like preparing it just for myself. It’s a dish that I will always want to share with friends.

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