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Painted garbage cans around Bonifacio Global City.

By | December 29, 2011


Wwe spotted several colorfully-painted garbage cans designed by local artists around Bonifacio Global City. They looked very pretty, it felt almost unjust to have them smeared with garbage.

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The very democratic chocolate.

By | December 21, 2011

Chocolate cake surprise from Bern

Explaining how some kind of food is made usually will take away the fun out of eating it. There are some things we do not want to know about what happens before a particular product reaches our plate. Although sometimes, knowing how food is made makes us appreciate more the effort and care needed to produce a delicacy. Take chocolates, for example.

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Lessons from Portugal: Time to end the war on drugs.

By | December 21, 2011

For many years nows, Philippine society has embraced the same “war on drugs” attitude and demonized drug use and users as some of the roots of social decay. I wonder how long will it take for our government to get its head out of its ass and start looking at empirical data rather than listening to hysterical rhetoric. Playing it tough has not really done us anything good, has it?

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The welfare of one person should not take priority over the needs of so many.

By | December 20, 2011

Aerial view of damages caused by flash floods brought by Tropical Storm Sendong in Cagayan De Oro. Image Credit: REUTERS/Stringer

An incident like this seems to show misplaced priority on the welfare of one celebrity over those of hundreds of people who truly needed help. Speaking of help, here is how you could help the victims of Sendong:

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Good grief. There are carolers in the building.

By | December 17, 2011

I’ve closed the front door and windows, turned off nearly all the lights, and shut myself inside my flatmates’ bedroom until they’ve done their rounds on our floor and have gone away. There are carolers in our building.

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