From the Interwebs: Please tell me this was not made using MS Paint.

The shift has been rather slow and I’ve had a headache all night. Nodding to sleep looks very attractive from where I am until I saw this site. You’d think a “business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals” (whatever that means) could afford better graphic artists, no?

Business Insider

I think I could overlook the lighting storm and Larry Page’s instant head transplant. But I wish Dylan Love bothered drawing a selection marquee around Larry Page’s head more carefully. And what’s wrong with a little feathering, Dylan? Or a few adjustments on lighting effects? The image looked like it was made using MS Paint.

Of course, tacky amateur image editing like this isn’t at all uncommon from corporate people tasked to provide images for the next company memo. Many of them might not even have access to sophisticated image editors, so you can’t really expect a job worthy of a fashion magazine editorial (not that all edited fashion photos are flawless themselves).

But Business Insider is a not a website side-project of some company. They seemed to be intent on becoming a respectable business-oriented news website, from my impression. Would it be too hard to ensure that the graphics they use be more professional-looking?

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